Pik3r11:Pik3ca,b,d (Pi3k), Plcg2 (PLCgamma2), Grb2:Sos1, Shc1 (Shc), Ptpn11 (Shp2), Grb2:Gab2, Grb2:Gab3, Grap2 (MONA), Cbl:Grb2, Inpp5d (SHIP1), Inppl1 (SHIP2) bind p-8Y-Csf1r and are activated

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Pik3r11:Pik3ca,b,d (Pi3k), Plcg2 (PLCgamma2), Grb2:Sos1, Shc1 (Shc), Ptpn11 (Shp2), Grb2:Gab2, Grb2:Gab3, Grap2 (MONA), Cbl:Grb2, Inpp5d (SHIP1), Inppl1 (SHIP2)  bind p-8Y-Csf1r and are activated
The Pik3r1 (p85alpha) subunit of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (PI3K) is phosphorylated and binds Cbl and Csf1r (van der Geer and Hunter 1991, Reedijk et al. 1992, McGlade et al. 1992, van der Geer and Hunter 1993, Kanagasundaram et al. 1996, Bourette et al. 1997, Husson et al. 1997, Kanagasundaram et al. 1999, Wang et al. 1999, Ota et al. 2000, Faccio et al. 2007, Sampaio et al. 2011). Cbl also directly binds phosphorylated Csf1r (Kanagasundaram et al. 1999, Ota et al. 2000, Wilhelmsen et al. 2002, Faccio et al. 2007). Grb2:Sos1 interacts with Csf1r in response to Csf1 (Lioubin et al. 1994, Wang et al. 1999) though the interaction appears to be transient (Wang et al. 1999). Shc1 (Shc) interacts with Cbl and Csf1r (Lioubin et al. 1994 Wang et al. 1999). Cbl is constitutively bound to Grb2, Cbl is phosphorylated, and phosphorylated Cbl binds phosphorylated Shc (Wang et al. 1996, Wang et al. 1999). Plcg2 (Plc-gamma2) expressed in the myeloid lineage (Barbosa et al. 2014) binds phosphorylated tyrosine-721 of Csf1r and Plcg2 is phosphorylated in a process that requires the activity of Pi3k (Bourette et al. 1997, Bourgin-Hierle et al. 2008, Jack et al. 2009). Grap2 (Mona) binds phosphorylated tyrosine-697 of Csf1r, a site that also interacts with Grb2 (van der Geer and Hunter 1993, Bourette et al. 1998, Bourgin et al. 2000). Grab2 also binds Gab3, which is phosphorylated (Bourgin et al. 2002). In response to Csf1, the scaffolding protein Gab2 associates with Inpp5d (Ship1) and other proteins involved in Csf1 signaling and Gab2 is phosphorylated directly or indirectly by Csf1r (Liu et al. 2001). Inppl1 (Ship2), a homolog of Inppd5 (Ship1), also binds Csf1r in response to Cdf1 (Wang et al. 2004). Gab3, a homolog of Gab2, associates with Csf1r, is phosphorylated, and interacts with Pi3k and Ptpn11 (Shp2) (Bourgin et al. 2002, Wolf et al. 2002). The Src family kinases Src, Fyn, and Yes1 (Yes) bind phosphorylated Csf1r (Kanagasundaram et al. 1999, Lee and States 2000, Rohde et al. 2004, Bourgin-Hierle et al. 2008). Stat proteins Stat1 and Stat3 bind Csf1r (Novak et al. 1995, 1996, Jack et al. 2009). Thoc5 (Fmip) binds Csf1r and is phosphorylated (Mancini et al. 2004). The order of binding and phosphorylation of interactors of Csf1r is unknown. Different subpopulations of Csf1r may be bound to different sets of interactors (Kanagasundaram et al. 1999).
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