Eomes, Wdr5, Kat2a, Tbxt bind the Mesp1 gene

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Eomes, Wdr5, Kat2a, Tbxt bind the Mesp1 gene
Mesodermal proteins Eomes (Costello et al. 2011, van den Ameele et al. 2012, Guo et al. 2018) and Tbxt (T, Brachyury) (David et al. 2011) bind the Mesp1 gene and activate transcription of Mesp1. Eomes and the non-coding RNA lincr1405 are in a complex containing the histone acetyltransferase Kat2a (Gcn5) and the histone-binding protein Wdr5 to activate transcription of Mesp1 (inferred from mouse homologs). (Wdr5 is a component of trithorax group/MLL histone acetyltransferase complexes therefore a MLL complex may bind the Mesp1 gene but this has not yet been demonstrated.) Tbxt binds a 3.4 kb region of the proximal promoter upstream of the first exon (David et al. 2011). Eomes mainly binds a T-box element 3.8 kb upstream of the first exon (van den Ameele et al. 2012). Mesp1 is the first observed marker of cardiac progenitor cells within the lateral plate mesoderm.
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