Expression of Sox2 in posterior neural plate

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Mus musculus
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Expression of Sox2 in posterior neural plate
Prior to gastrulation, Sox2 is expressed throughout the epiblast (Wood and Episkopou 1999). During gastrulation, Sox2 becomes restricted to the presumptive neuroectoderm in the anterior ectoderm and persists in the neural plate and neural tube (Wood and Episkopou 1999, Avilion et al. 2003, Uchikawa et al. 2011, Iwafuchi-Doi et al. 2012). Sox2 is activated by the N1 enhancer in the posterior neural plate and by the N2 enhancer in the anterior neural plate. Wnt3a signaling and Fgf8 signaling originating from the chordoneural hinge activate the N1 enhancer, a conserved 420 bp sequence located downstream of the Sox2 coding region (Takemoto et al. 2006). As the node migrates posteriorly, other uncharacterized factors are believed to maintain Sox2 expression in the posterior neural plate.
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