Recruitment of CSB, G9a, and NuRD to the rRNA promoter

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Recruitment of CSB, G9a, and NuRD to the rRNA promoter

Transcription Termination Factor-I (TTF-I) is a sequence-specific binding protein that binds sites 5' (Tsp and T0 sites) and 3' (T1-10 site) of rRNA genes. When TTF-I is bound to the promoter-proximal T0 site TTF-I recruits either Cockayne Syndrome Protein CSB, Histone Methylase G9a, and NuRD to activate expression (Yuan et al. 2007) or Nucleolar Remodeling Complex (NoRC) to repress expression. How one is selected over the other is unknown. The NuRD complex activates transcription by shifting the position of one nucleosome in the promoter region of an rRNA gene (Xie et al. 2012).

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