Gria2 [endocytic vesicle membrane]

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Protein [EntityWithAccessionedSequence]
Rattus norvegicus
GRIA2, P19491
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Gene Names
Gria2, Glur2
signal peptide:1-21, chain:22-883
Other forms of this molecule
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ZINC target
1FTL, 3T9U, 5VHW, 4IGT, 6HCB, 4U4G, 5FHO, 5L1H, 4U21, 3O2A, 3O6H, 6FAZ, 5L1F, 1MY1, 1P1Q, 4Z0I, 4LZ8, 1LBB, 1XHY, 3IJX, 6O9G, 3H03, 1MXX, 2XX8, 4IY6, 4UQ6, 7OCF, 5IDF, 6Q54, 3LSF, 4U5B, 3TKD, 1NNK, 7RZ9, 1MQI, 7RZ5, 5NG9, 4YU0, 1FW0, 4U2Q, 5WEL, 6DLZ, 4O3B, 4U5F, 3B6Q, 3PMX, 3T93, 5KK2, 2P2A, 3ILT, 3HSY, 3BKI, 5KBV, 1M5C, 5WEN, 2AL5, 2UXA, 6YK4, 7OCA, 6U6I, 3H6T, 1SYH, 5KBS, 1MY4, 6FQJ, 4U1X, 5FTI, 2XXI, 1GR2, 3KG2, 6ZYU, 3T9V, 6UD8, 3TZA, 3N6V, 6HCA, 5JEI, 4U22, 3O6I, 3O29, 1N0T, 1FTK, 1P1O, 3H6W, 1MY0, 7OCE, 3B7D, 7RZ4, 1LB9, 2XX7, 1MXW, 3IJO, 1MQH, 7RZ8, 6FQK, 5VOU, 4U5C, 1WVJ, 3PD8, 1M5F, 4Q30, 4UQJ, 6GL4, 6U5S, 4U2R, 4O3C, 4YMA, 6DM1, 4LZ5, 5VHY, 1MM7, 3T96, 3TDJ, 1M5B, 3O28, 6YK3, 2I3W, 6FQI, 6PEQ, 2AL4, 6FQG, 1FTO, 5FHM, 6NJN, 3BBR, 6HC9, 5L1E, 4U1Y, 2GFE, 3IL1, 1MS7, 1MY3, 5L1G, 1P1W, 5KBT, 6GIV, 2XXH, 5VHX, 6UD4, 3T9X, 4N07, 1MXZ, 3H5W, 4U4S, 4U23, 3RTF, 4G8M, 6HCH, 1FTJ, 4IY5, 1P1N, 3H6V, 7OCD, 2I3V, 1LB8, 3B6W, 1MXV, 5ELV, 6XSR, 7RYZ, 3PMV, 1MQG, 3M3L, 7RZ7, 4U5D, 5N6P, 3PD9, 4UQK, 5WEM, 1M5E, 5WEK, 6DM0, 4L17, 3H06, 1MM6, 5O9A, 5WEO, 4U1O, 6YK2, 5FWX, 3T9H, 3BFU, 5CBR, 4X48, 6NJM, 6QKZ, 5BUU, 3O2J, 4U4F, 6UCB, 5FHN, 6YK6, 1LBC, 4GXS, 3O6G, 4U1Z, 6HCC, 2ANJ, 1P1U, 5KBU, 1FTM, 1MY2, 5NIH, 4LZ7, 3H5V, 2XX9, 1MXY, 2CMO, 5IDE, 3IK6, 4U4X, 3LSL, 5NS9, 2AIX, 3H6U, 3RTW, 1NNP, 1MQJ, 6Q60, 5VOV, 4U2P, 4O3A, 4U5E, 7RYY, 5VOT, 3B6T, 1MXU, 7RZ6, 3PMW, 1MQD, 1M5D, 3DP6, 7RZA, 3ILU, 6QKC, 5VHZ, 4H8J, 6FQH, 6RUQ, 5CBS, 3KGC, 5OEW, 4FAT, 1SYI, 7OCC, 3BFT, 6NJL, 4U1W, 5FWY, 5FTH, 6YK5, 4ISU, 5L1B
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