Evripidis Gavathiotis

Reviewed Pathways (8/8)
Date Identifier Pathway Reference
2020-05-04 R-HSA-9648002 RAS processing BibTex
2016-08-05 R-HSA-6802957 Oncogenic MAPK signaling BibTex
2020-05-04 R-HSA-9656223 Signaling by RAF1 mutants BibTex
2020-05-04 R-HSA-9652817 Signaling by MAPK mutants BibTex
2020-05-04 R-HSA-9652169 Signaling by MAP2K mutants BibTex
2020-05-04 R-HSA-9726840 SHOC2 M1731 mutant abolishes MRAS complex function BibTex
2020-05-04 R-HSA-9726842 Gain-of-function MRAS complexes activate RAF signaling BibTex
2020-05-04 R-HSA-9660537 Signaling by MRAS-complex mutants BibTex
Reviewed Reactions (15/48)
Date Identifier Reaction Reference
2020-05-04 R-HSA-9656207 CR2 RAF1 mutants don't bind YWHAB BibTex
2020-05-04 R-HSA-9656209 Dissociation of RAS:RAF1 mutant complex BibTex
2020-05-04 R-HSA-9656214 MAP2Ks phosphorylate MAPKs downstream of RAF1 mutants BibTex
2020-05-04 R-HSA-9656215 RAF1 mutant complexes phosphorylate MAP2K dimer BibTex
2020-05-04 R-HSA-9656211 MAP2Ks and MAPKs bind to the activated mutant RAF1 complex BibTex
2020-05-04 R-HSA-9647978 pro-RAS proteins are farnesylated BibTex
2020-05-04 R-HSA-9647999 RCE1 cleaves S-Farn proRAS proteins BibTex
2020-05-04 R-HSA-9647977 ICMT methylates S-Farn RAS proteins BibTex
2020-05-04 R-HSA-9647982 S-farn Me-HRAS, -NRAS and -KRAS4A are palmitoylated BibTex
2020-05-04 R-HSA-9647980 mature RAS proteins translocate to plasma membrane BibTex
2020-05-04 R-HSA-9647994 RAS proteins are depalmitoylated BibTex
2020-05-04 R-HSA-9649732 Mature S-Farn-Me KRAS4B translocates to plasma membrane BibTex
2020-05-04 R-HSA-9653585 S-Farn-Me KRAS4B binds calmodulin BibTex
2020-05-04 R-HSA-9654521 Calmodulin dissociates KRAS4B from the plasma membrane BibTex
2020-05-04 R-HSA-9653503 KRAS4B is phosphorylated on serine 181 BibTex
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