Karen Rothfels

Ontario Institute for Cancer Research
Authored Pathways (15/216)
Date Identifier Pathway Reference
2021-10-08 R-HSA-9755511 KEAP1-NFE2L2 pathway BibTex
2021-10-08 R-HSA-9759194 Nuclear events mediated by NFE2L2 BibTex
2021-10-08 R-HSA-9762114 GSK3B and BTRC:CUL1-mediated-degradation of NFE2L2 BibTex
2021-03-30 R-HSA-9725370 Signaling by ALK fusions and activated point mutants BibTex
2021-03-30 R-HSA-9725371 Nuclear events stimulated by ALK signaling in cancer BibTex
2021-03-30 R-HSA-9701898 STAT3 nuclear events downstream of ALK signaling BibTex
2021-03-22 R-HSA-9700206 Signaling by ALK in cancer BibTex
2021-03-22 R-HSA-9700649 Drug resistance of ALK mutants BibTex
2021-03-22 R-HSA-9717323 ceritinib-resistant ALK mutants BibTex
2021-03-22 R-HSA-9717326 crizotinib-resistant ALK mutants BibTex
2021-03-22 R-HSA-9717329 lorlatinib-resistant ALK mutants BibTex
2021-03-22 R-HSA-9717264 ASP-3026-resistant ALK mutants BibTex
2021-03-22 R-HSA-9717319 brigatinib-resistant ALK mutants BibTex
2021-03-22 R-HSA-9717301 NVP-TAE684-resistant ALK mutants BibTex
2021-03-22 R-HSA-9717316 alectinib-resistant ALK mutants BibTex
Authored Reactions (15/1,351)
Date Identifier Reaction Reference
2022-02-23 R-HSA-9755306 ub UBXN7 is degraded by the 26S proteasome BibTex
2022-02-23 R-HSA-9755304 MUL1 ubiquitinates UBXN7 BibTex
2022-01-16 R-HSA-9755303 26S proteasome degrades HIFalpha BibTex
2021-10-08 R-HSA-9761900 HBV X protein binds SQSTM1 oligomer BibTex
2021-10-08 R-HSA-9759154 TRIM21 ubiquitinates SQSTM1 BibTex
2021-10-08 R-HSA-9766656 RBX1:CUL3 dissociates from forming autophagosome BibTex
2021-10-08 R-HSA-9761836 p14ARF binds NFE2L2:CREBBP, EP300 BibTex
2021-10-08 R-HSA-9760099 AcK-NFE2L2 binds the GCLC gene BibTex
2021-10-08 R-HSA-9760122 AcK-NFE2L2-dependent GCLC gene expression BibTex
2021-10-08 R-HSA-9761849 AcK-NFE2L2-dependent P6GD gene expression BibTex
2021-10-08 R-HSA-9761825 NFE2L2 binds the ME1 gene BibTex
2021-10-08 R-HSA-9761854 NFE2L2-dependent ME1 gene expression BibTex
2021-10-08 R-HSA-9760103 AcK-NFE2L2 binds the GCLM gene BibTex
2021-10-08 R-HSA-9760125 AcK-NFE2L2-dependent GCLM gene expression BibTex
2021-10-08 R-HSA-9761834 NFE2L2 binds the TKT gene BibTex
Reviewed Pathways (1/1)
Date Identifier Pathway Reference
2016-09-17 R-HSA-3371497 HSP90 chaperone cycle for steroid hormone receptors (SHR) in the presence of ligand BibTex
Reviewed Reactions (15/15)
Date Identifier Reaction Reference
2016-09-17 R-HSA-5618093 ATP hydrolysis by HSP90 BibTex
2016-09-17 R-HSA-5618080 HSP90:ATP:p23:FKBP52:SHR:SH translocates to the nucleus BibTex
2016-09-17 R-HSA-9690534 NR3C1 ligands bind NR3C1 (in the HSP90 chaperone complex) BibTex
2016-09-17 R-HSA-9705925 Androgens binds AR (in the HSP90 chaperone complex) BibTex
2016-09-17 R-HSA-9725885 P4 bind PGR (in the HSP90 chaperone complex) BibTex
2016-09-17 R-HSA-5618099 NR3C2 ligands bind NR3C2 (in the HSP90 chaperone complex) BibTex
2016-09-17 R-HSA-5618073 FKBP4 replaces FKBP5 within HSP90:ATP:FKBP5:unfolded protein BibTex
2016-09-17 R-HSA-5618098 p23 (PTGES3) binds HSP90:ATP:FKBP5:nascent protein BibTex
2016-09-17 R-HSA-5618105 FKBP5 binds HSP90:ATP:STIP1:HSP70:nascent protein BibTex
2016-09-17 R-HSA-5618110 p23 (PTGES3) binds HSP90:ATP:FKBP4:nascent protein BibTex
2016-09-17 R-HSA-5618085 FKBP4 binds HSP90:ATP:STIP1:HSP70:nascent protein BibTex
2016-09-17 R-HSA-5618107 ATP binding to HSP90 triggers conformation change BibTex
2016-09-17 R-HSA-3371503 STIP1(HOP) binds HSP90 and HSP70:HSP40:nascent protein BibTex
2016-09-17 R-HSA-3371422 ATP hydrolysis by HSP70 BibTex
2016-09-17 R-HSA-3371590 HSP70 binds to HSP40:nascent protein BibTex
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