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Veronica Shamovsky

NYU School of Medicine, Department of Biochemistry
Authored Pathways (142)
Date Identifier Pathway Reference
2021-02-17 R-HSA-9710421 Defective pyroptosis BibTex
2021-02-17 R-HSA-5620971 Pyroptosis BibTex
2020-06-26 R-HSA-9693928 Defective RIPK1-mediated regulated necrosis BibTex
2020-06-26 R-HSA-9686347 Microbial modulation of RIPK1-mediated regulated necrosis BibTex
2020-01-09 R-HSA-9671793 Diseases of hemostasis BibTex
2020-01-09 R-HSA-9651496 Defects of contact activation system (CAS) and kallikrein/kinin system (KKS) BibTex
2020-01-09 R-HSA-9672383 Defective factor IX causes thrombophilia BibTex
2020-01-09 R-HSA-9657688 Defective factor XII causes hereditary angioedema BibTex
2020-01-09 R-HSA-9657689 Defective SERPING1 causes hereditary angioedema BibTex
2020-01-09 R-HSA-9668250 Defective factor IX causes hemophilia B BibTex
2020-01-09 R-HSA-9673240 Defective gamma-carboxylation of F9 BibTex
2020-01-09 R-HSA-9673221 Defective F9 activation BibTex
2020-01-09 R-HSA-9673202 Defective F9 variant does not activate FX BibTex
2020-01-09 R-HSA-9673218 Defective F9 secretion BibTex
2020-01-09 R-HSA-9662001 Defective factor VIII causes hemophilia A BibTex
2020-01-09 R-HSA-9672396 Defective cofactor function of FVIIIa variant BibTex
2020-01-09 R-HSA-9672397 Defective F8 secretion BibTex
2020-01-09 R-HSA-9672393 Defective F8 binding to von Willebrand factor BibTex
2020-01-09 R-HSA-9672395 Defective F8 binding to the cell membrane BibTex
2020-01-09 R-HSA-9672391 Defective F8 cleavage by thrombin BibTex
2020-01-09 R-HSA-9674519 Defective F8 sulfation at Y1699 BibTex
2020-01-09 R-HSA-9672387 Defective F8 accelerates dissociation of the A2 domain BibTex
2019-06-03 R-HSA-9645460 Alpha-protein kinase 1 signaling pathway BibTex
2018-11-07 R-HSA-8941413 Events associated with phagocytolytic activity of PMN cells BibTex
2018-12-29 R-HSA-9024446 NR1H2 and NR1H3-mediated signaling BibTex
2018-12-29 R-HSA-9029558 NR1H2 & NR1H3 regulate gene expression linked to lipogenesis BibTex
2018-12-29 R-HSA-9632974 NR1H2 & NR1H3 regulate gene expression linked to gluconeogenesis BibTex
2018-12-29 R-HSA-9031525 NR1H2 & NR1H3 regulate gene expression to limit cholesterol uptake BibTex
2018-12-29 R-HSA-9031528 NR1H2 & NR1H3 regulate gene expression linked to triglyceride lipolysis in adipose BibTex
2018-12-29 R-HSA-9029569 NR1H3 & NR1H2 regulate gene expression linked to cholesterol transport and efflux BibTex
2018-12-29 R-HSA-9623433 NR1H2 & NR1H3 regulate gene expression to control bile acid homeostasis BibTex
2018-11-05 R-HSA-9627069 Regulation of the apoptosome activity BibTex
2018-11-05 R-HSA-111471 Apoptotic factor-mediated response BibTex
2017-12-02 R-HSA-8983711 OAS antiviral response BibTex
2016-09-17 R-HSA-3371497 HSP90 chaperone cycle for steroid hormone receptors (SHR) in the presence of ligand BibTex
2016-08-02 R-HSA-6803157 Antimicrobial peptides BibTex
2016-08-02 R-HSA-6799990 Metal sequestration by antimicrobial proteins BibTex
2016-08-02 R-HSA-6803544 Ion influx/efflux at host-pathogen interface BibTex
2015-09-12 R-HSA-5686938 Regulation of TLR by endogenous ligand BibTex
2015-04-14 R-HSA-5684264 MAP3K8 (TPL2)-dependent MAPK1/3 activation BibTex
2015-03-12 R-HSA-5357905 Regulation of TNFR1 signaling BibTex
2015-03-12 R-HSA-5357956 TNFR1-induced NFkappaB signaling pathway BibTex
2015-03-12 R-HSA-5626978 TNFR1-mediated ceramide production BibTex
2015-02-15 R-HSA-5675482 Regulation of necroptotic cell death BibTex
2014-10-31 R-HSA-5357786 TNFR1-induced proapoptotic signaling BibTex
R-HSA-5357801 Programmed Cell Death BibTex
2014-09-06 R-HSA-5260271 Diseases of Immune System BibTex
2014-09-06 R-HSA-5602358 Diseases associated with the TLR signaling cascade BibTex
2014-09-06 R-HSA-5602410 TLR3 deficiency - HSE BibTex
2014-09-06 R-HSA-5602571 TRAF3 deficiency - HSE BibTex
2014-09-06 R-HSA-5602680 MyD88 deficiency (TLR5) BibTex
2014-09-06 R-HSA-5602415 UNC93B1 deficiency - HSE BibTex
2014-09-06 R-HSA-5602636 IKBKB deficiency causes SCID BibTex
2014-09-06 R-HSA-5603037 IRAK4 deficiency (TLR5) BibTex
2014-09-06 R-HSA-5602498 MyD88 deficiency (TLR2/4) BibTex
2014-09-06 R-HSA-5603027 IKBKG deficiency causes anhidrotic ectodermal dysplasia with immunodeficiency (EDA-ID) (via TLR) BibTex
2014-09-06 R-HSA-5603041 IRAK4 deficiency (TLR2/4) BibTex
2014-09-06 R-HSA-5602566 TICAM1 deficiency - HSE BibTex
2014-09-06 R-HSA-5603029 IkBA variant leads to EDA-ID BibTex
2015-02-06 R-HSA-5357769 Caspase activation via extrinsic apoptotic signalling pathway BibTex
2014-10-31 R-HSA-5218859 Regulated Necrosis BibTex
2014-10-31 R-HSA-5213460 RIPK1-mediated regulated necrosis BibTex
2014-10-31 R-HSA-5218900 CASP8 activity is inhibited BibTex
2014-02-17 R-HSA-3371556 Cellular response to heat stress BibTex
2014-02-17 R-HSA-3371453 Regulation of HSF1-mediated heat shock response BibTex
2014-02-17 R-HSA-3371511 HSF1 activation BibTex
2014-02-17 R-HSA-3371571 HSF1-dependent transactivation BibTex
2014-02-17 R-HSA-3371568 Attenuation phase BibTex
2013-05-22 R-HSA-3371378 Regulation by c-FLIP BibTex
2013-02-11 R-HSA-3270619 IRF3-mediated induction of type I IFN BibTex
2013-02-11 R-HSA-3134963 DEx/H-box helicases activate type I IFN and inflammatory cytokines production BibTex
2013-02-11 R-HSA-3134973 LRR FLII-interacting protein 1 (LRRFIP1) activates type I IFN production BibTex
2013-02-11 R-HSA-3249367 STAT6-mediated induction of chemokines BibTex
2013-02-11 R-HSA-3134975 Regulation of innate immune responses to cytosolic DNA BibTex
2013-02-11 R-HSA-3248023 Regulation by TREX1 BibTex
2012-11-07 R-GGA-2132285 Complement Cascade BibTex
2012-11-07 R-GGA-2132287 Creation of alternative pathway C3 convertase BibTex
2012-11-07 R-GGA-2132293 Formation of fluid-phase convertase C3 BibTex
2012-11-07 R-GGA-2132273 Formation of membrane-bound convertase C3 BibTex
2012-11-07 R-GGA-2173345 Anaphylatoxins initiate inflammatory responses BibTex
2012-11-07 R-GGA-2132270 Lectin-mediated initiation of complement cascade BibTex
2012-11-07 R-GGA-2132286 Classical antibody-mediated complement activation BibTex
2012-11-07 R-GGA-2132263 Creation of classical C3 convertase BibTex
2012-11-07 R-GGA-2132281 Regulation of complement cascades BibTex
2012-11-07 R-GGA-2132267 Formation of membrane attack complex (MAC) BibTex
2013-05-28 R-HSA-2855086 Ficolins bind to repetitive carbohydrate structures on the target cell surface BibTex
2012-07-18 R-HSA-1834941 STING mediated induction of host immune responses BibTex
2012-11-05 R-GGA-2422406 Innate Immune System BibTex
2012-11-13 R-HSA-9013957 TLR3-mediated TICAM1-dependent programmed cell death BibTex
2012-11-13 R-HSA-2562578 TRIF-mediated programmed cell death BibTex
2012-02-09 R-HSA-1679131 Trafficking and processing of endosomal TLR BibTex
2011-12-08 R-HSA-1834949 Cytosolic sensors of pathogen-associated DNA BibTex
2011-12-08 R-HSA-1606322 ZBP1(DAI) mediated induction of type I IFNs BibTex
2011-12-08 R-HSA-1606341 IRF3 mediated activation of type 1 IFN BibTex
2011-12-08 R-HSA-1810476 RIP-mediated NFkB activation via ZBP1 BibTex
2011-05-16 R-GGA-1227887 RLR (RIG-like receptor) mediated induction of IFN alpha/beta BibTex
2011-05-16 R-GGA-1227739 Caspase-8 and -10 mediated induction of NF-kB BibTex
2011-05-16 R-GGA-1227882 TRAF mediated activation of IRF BibTex
2011-05-16 R-GGA-1227892 TRAF6 mediated NF-kB activation BibTex
2011-05-16 R-GGA-1227888 Negative Regulation of MDA5 signaling BibTex
2010-12-06 R-GGA-451529 TLR15 cascade BibTex
2010-12-06 R-GGA-451531 TLR21 cascade BibTex
2010-12-06 R-GGA-451477 MyD88-dependent cascade initiated on endosome membrane BibTex
2010-12-06 R-GGA-573298 NFkB and MAPK activation mediated by TRAF6 upon TLR7 or TLR21 stimulation BibTex
2010-12-06 R-GGA-977240 MyD88 cascade initiated on plasma membrane BibTex
2011-02-10 R-HSA-975871 MyD88 cascade initiated on plasma membrane BibTex
2010-10-29 R-HSA-975138 TRAF6 mediated induction of NFkB and MAP kinases upon TLR7/8 or 9 activation BibTex
2010-10-29 R-HSA-975110 TRAF6 mediated IRF7 activation in TLR7/8 or 9 signaling BibTex
2010-10-29 R-HSA-975144 IRAK1 recruits IKK complex upon TLR7/8 or 9 stimulation BibTex
2010-10-29 R-HSA-975163 IRAK2 mediated activation of TAK1 complex upon TLR7/8 or 9 stimulation BibTex
2010-11-30 R-HSA-9014325 TICAM1,TRAF6-dependent induction of TAK1 complex BibTex
2010-11-30 R-HSA-9013973 TICAM1-dependent activation of IRF3/IRF7 BibTex
2010-11-30 R-HSA-937039 IRAK1 recruits IKK complex BibTex
2010-11-30 R-HSA-937042 IRAK2 mediated activation of TAK1 complex BibTex
2010-11-30 R-HSA-937061 TRIF(TICAM1)-mediated TLR4 signaling BibTex
2010-11-30 R-HSA-937041 IKK complex recruitment mediated by RIP1 BibTex
2010-11-30 R-HSA-936964 Activation of IRF3/IRF7 mediated by TBK1/IKK epsilon BibTex
2010-11-30 R-HSA-937072 TRAF6-mediated induction of TAK1 complex within TLR4 complex BibTex
2010-10-16 R-GGA-433794 TLR4 cascade BibTex
2010-10-16 R-GGA-517856 TLR2 subfamily cascade BibTex
2010-10-16 R-GGA-451514 MyD88:TIRAP-dependent cascade initiated on plasma membrane BibTex
2010-05-23 R-GGA-451524 MAPK activation in TLR cascade BibTex
2010-12-06 R-GGA-451498 TLR7 cascade BibTex
2010-12-06 R-GGA-451534 TLR5 cascade BibTex
2010-02-28 R-HSA-450294 MAP kinase activation BibTex
2010-02-28 R-HSA-445989 TAK1 activates NFkB by phosphorylation and activation of IKKs complex BibTex
2010-02-28 R-HSA-450321 JNK (c-Jun kinases) phosphorylation and activation mediated by activated human TAK1 BibTex
2010-02-28 R-HSA-450282 MAPK targets/ Nuclear events mediated by MAP kinases BibTex
2010-02-28 R-HSA-450341 Activation of the AP-1 family of transcription factors BibTex
2010-02-28 R-HSA-450302 activated TAK1 mediates p38 MAPK activation BibTex
2010-05-23 R-GGA-437987 Toll-like receptors (TLR) cascades BibTex
2010-05-23 R-GGA-434048 TLR3 cascade BibTex
2010-05-23 R-GGA-437980 Activated TAK1 mediates p38 MAP kinase phosphorylation BibTex
2010-05-23 R-GGA-437986 Activated TAK1 mediates Jun kinases (JNK) phosphorylation and activation BibTex
2010-10-15 R-GGA-451478 ERK activation BibTex
2010-05-23 R-GGA-433835 IKK related kinases bound to dsRNA:TLR3:TICAM1 activate IRF3 BibTex
2010-05-23 R-GGA-434136 Viral dsRNA:TLR3:TICAM1 Complex Activates TBK1 BibTex
2010-05-23 R-GGA-433819 Viral dsRNA:TLR3:TICAM1 Complex Activates IKBKE_CHICK BibTex
2010-05-23 R-GGA-433871 TRAF6 mediated induction of proinflammatory cytokines BibTex
2010-05-23 R-GGA-434131 NFkB activation mediated by RIP1 complexed with activated TLR3 BibTex
2010-10-16 R-GGA-433822 NFkB and MAPK activation mediated by TRAF6 BibTex
2010-05-23 R-GGA-434001 TAK1 activates NFkB by phosphorylation and activation of IKKs complex BibTex
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