Marija Orlic-Milacic

Ontario Institute for Cancer Research
Authored Pathways (15/379)
Date Identifier Pathway Reference
2020-11-11 R-HSA-9675136 Diseases of DNA Double-Strand Break Repair BibTex
2020-09-30 R-HSA-9699150 Defective DNA double strand break response due to BARD1 loss of function BibTex
2020-09-30 R-HSA-9663199 Defective DNA double strand break response due to BRCA1 loss of function BibTex
2020-08-12 R-HSA-9694271 Assembly of the SARS-CoV-2 Replication-Transcription Complex (RTC) BibTex
2020-08-12 R-HSA-9694682 SARS-CoV-2 Genome Replication and Transcription BibTex
2020-08-12 R-HSA-9694686 Replication of the SARS-CoV-2 genome BibTex
2020-08-12 R-HSA-9694786 Transcription of SARS-CoV-2 sgRNAs BibTex
2020-08-06 R-HSA-9697154 Disorders of Nervous System Development BibTex
2020-08-14 R-HSA-9694516 SARS-CoV-2 Infection BibTex
2020-07-14 R-HSA-9715370 Miro GTPase Cycle BibTex
2020-07-14 R-HSA-9013425 RHOT1 GTPase cycle BibTex
2020-07-14 R-HSA-9013419 RHOT2 GTPase cycle BibTex
2020-07-14 R-HSA-9696270 RND2 GTPase cycle BibTex
2020-07-14 R-HSA-8980692 RHOA GTPase cycle BibTex
2020-07-14 R-HSA-9696264 RND3 GTPase cycle BibTex
Authored Reactions (15/2,765)
Date Identifier Reaction Reference
2020-09-30 R-HSA-9699163 Defective BARD1 does not bind BRCA1 BibTex
2020-09-30 R-HSA-9663194 Some pathogenic BRCA1 mutants do not bind BARD1 BibTex
2020-09-30 R-HSA-9701003 BAP1 binds BRCA1:BARD1 heterodimer BibTex
2020-09-30 R-HSA-9700998 BAP1 disrupts the BRCA1:BARD1 heterodimer BibTex
2020-09-30 R-HSA-9701000 BRCA1:BARD1 heterodimer autoubiquitinates BibTex
2020-08-12 R-HSA-9694524 nsp13 binds nsp12 BibTex
2020-08-12 R-HSA-9694445 nsp16 binds nsp10 BibTex
2020-08-12 R-HSA-9694539 nsp15 binds nsp8 BibTex
2020-08-12 R-HSA-9694630 Nsp3:nsp4 binds to nsp6 BibTex
2020-08-12 R-HSA-9694576 nsp3 binds to nsp7-8 and nsp12-16 BibTex
2020-08-12 R-HSA-9694542 nsp14 binds nsp10 BibTex
2020-08-12 R-HSA-9694304 nsp14 binds nsp12 BibTex
2020-08-12 R-HSA-9691335 nsp7 binds nsp8 BibTex
2020-08-12 R-HSA-9691363 nsp12 binds nsp7 and nsp8 BibTex
2020-08-12 R-HSA-9694406 nsp13 binds DDX5 BibTex
Reviewed Pathways (1/1)
Date Identifier Pathway Reference
2020-01-23 R-HSA-9675108 Nervous system development BibTex
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