Feng Shao

Reviewed Pathways (3/3)
Date Identifier Pathway Reference
2021-02-17 R-HSA-9710421 Defective pyroptosis BibTex
2021-02-17 R-HSA-5620971 Pyroptosis BibTex
2019-06-03 R-HSA-9645460 Alpha-protein kinase 1 signaling pathway BibTex
Reviewed Reactions (15/36)
Date Identifier Reaction Reference
2021-02-17 R-HSA-9710490 The GSDME gene promoter is hypermethylated BibTex
2021-02-17 R-HSA-9710480 Decitabine triphosphate incorporates into DNA BibTex
2021-02-17 R-HSA-9710468 GSDME variant does not bind PIPs BibTex
2021-02-17 R-HSA-9693324 Disulfiram covalently modifies Cys191 in GSDMD BibTex
2021-02-17 R-HSA-9716258 Dimethyl fumarate modifies Cys191 in GSDMD BibTex
2021-02-17 R-HSA-9647643 GSDMD (1-275) binds bacterial cardiolipin BibTex
2010-09-06 R-HSA-449058 Interleukin-1 family are secreted BibTex
2021-02-17 R-HSA-9710354 GSDME (1-270) binds cardiolipin BibTex
2021-02-17 R-HSA-9710353 GSDMD (1-275) binds cardiolipin BibTex
2021-02-17 R-HSA-9710254 GSDME oligomerizes BibTex
2021-02-17 R-HSA-9647660 GSDME (1-270) binds PIPs BibTex
2021-02-17 R-HSA-9647632 CASP3 cleaves GSDME BibTex
2018-09-25 R-HSA-114284 Release of Cytochrome c from mitochondria BibTex
2021-02-17 R-HSA-9710263 GZMB cleaves GSDME BibTex
2021-02-17 R-HSA-9710306 GSDME expression mediated by TP53, TP63 BibTex
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