James M Murphy

Reviewed Pathways (4/4)
Date Identifier Pathway Reference
2020-08-28 R-HSA-9686347 Microbial modulation of RIPK1-mediated regulated necrosis BibTex
2020-08-28 R-HSA-5213460 RIPK1-mediated regulated necrosis BibTex
2020-08-28 R-HSA-5675482 Regulation of necroptotic cell death BibTex
2020-08-28 R-HSA-5218900 CASP8 activity is inhibited BibTex
Reviewed Reactions (15/38)
Date Identifier Reaction Reference
2022-11-07 R-HSA-9793485 PRKN polyubiquitinates RIPK3 BibTex
2022-11-07 R-HSA-9793472 RIPK3 binds p-S9-PRKN BibTex
2022-11-07 R-HSA-9793444 ITCH polyubiquitinates MLKL at K50 BibTex
2022-11-07 R-HSA-9793451 MLKL binds ITCH BibTex
2020-08-28 R-HSA-9687455 HSV1 RIR1 binds RIPK3 BibTex
2020-08-28 R-HSA-9687465 HSV1 RIR1 binds RIPK1 BibTex
2020-08-28 R-HSA-9698677 HCMV UL36 binds MLKL BibTex
2020-08-28 R-HSA-9686343 IAV NS1 binds MLKL BibTex
2020-08-28 R-HSA-9687458 HSV1 RIR1 binds CASP8 BibTex
2020-08-28 R-HSA-9686338 SARS-CoV-1 3a binds the lysosomal membrane BibTex
2020-08-28 R-HSA-9686336 SARS-CoV-1 3a oligomerizes BibTex
2020-08-28 R-HSA-9686345 SARS-CoV-1 3a binds RIPK1:RIPK3 oligomer BibTex
2020-08-28 R-HSA-2672196 Viral serpin blocks caspase-8 activity BibTex
2020-08-28 R-HSA-9688456 MLKL binds FLOT1, FLOT2 BibTex
2020-08-28 R-HSA-9686920 PELI1 ubiquitinates RIPK3 at K363 BibTex
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