Warner, D

Reviewed Pathways (15/18)
Date Identifier Pathway Reference
2012-04-30 R-HSA-1222556 ROS and RNS production in phagocytes BibTex
2012-04-30 R-HSA-1222499 Latent infection - Other responses of Mtb to phagocytosis BibTex
2012-04-30 R-HSA-1222387 Tolerance of reactive oxygen produced by macrophages BibTex
2012-04-30 R-HSA-1222449 Mtb iron assimilation by chelation BibTex
2012-04-30 R-HSA-1222538 Tolerance by Mtb to nitric oxide produced by macrophages BibTex
2012-04-30 R-HSA-1222541 Cell redox homeostasis BibTex
2010-11-25 R-MTU-870392 Mycobacterium tuberculosis biological processes BibTex
2010-11-25 R-MTU-936621 Sulfur compound metabolism BibTex
2010-11-25 R-MTU-936635 Sulfate assimilation BibTex
2010-11-25 R-MTU-937250 Sulfur amino acid metabolism BibTex
2010-11-25 R-MTU-936654 Cysteine synthesis from O-phosphoserine BibTex
2010-11-25 R-MTU-936721 Cysteine synthesis from O-acetylserine BibTex
2010-11-25 R-MTU-870331 Mycothiol metabolism BibTex
2010-11-25 R-MTU-879325 Mycothiol catabolism BibTex
2010-11-25 R-MTU-879299 Mycothiol biosynthesis BibTex
Reviewed Reactions (15/87)
Date Identifier Reaction Reference
2012-04-30 R-HSA-1222685 Cathelicidin LL-37 binds to bacterial cell wall BibTex
2012-04-30 R-HSA-1222491 Lactoferrin scavenges iron ions BibTex
2012-04-30 R-HSA-1222407 Superoxide and nitric oxide react to peroxynitrite BibTex
2012-04-30 R-HSA-1222376 NOX2 generates superoxide from oxygen BibTex
2012-04-30 R-HSA-1222516 Intraphagosomal pH is lowered to 5 by V-ATPase BibTex
2012-04-30 R-HSA-1222353 Protonation of superoxide BibTex
2012-04-30 R-HSA-1222686 Nitric oxide diffuses into the phagosome BibTex
2012-04-30 R-HSA-1222662 Nitric oxide enters the bacterium BibTex
2012-04-30 R-HSA-1222342 Hydroperoxyl enters the bacterium BibTex
2012-04-30 R-HSA-1222411 Peroxynitrite oxidizes Peptide-Methionine residues BibTex
2012-04-30 R-HSA-1470073 Peroxynitrite enters the bacterium BibTex
2012-04-30 R-HSA-1222512 Nitric oxide oxidizes to nitrosyl ion BibTex
2012-04-30 R-HSA-1222384 Glutathione scavenges nitrosyl BibTex
2012-04-30 R-HSA-8942052 Superoxide and nitric oxide react to peroxynitrite in the phagosome BibTex
2012-04-30 R-HSA-1222704 KatG reduces H2O2 BibTex
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