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Piotr Widlak

Maria Sklodowska-Curie Memorial Cancer Center and Institute of Oncology
Reviewed Reactions (12)
Date Identifier Reaction Reference
2008-05-08 R-HSA-211219 Translocation of caspase-3 to the nucleus BibTex
2008-05-08 R-HSA-211186 Cleavage of DFF45 (224) by caspase-3 BibTex
2008-05-08 R-HSA-211190 Caspase 3-mediated cleavage of DFF45 (117) BibTex
2008-05-08 R-HSA-9029667 DFF dissociates from importin-alpha:importin-beta BibTex
2008-05-08 R-HSA-211206 Translocation of DFF to the nucleus BibTex
2008-05-08 R-HSA-211191 Association of DFF with alpha:beta importin BibTex
2008-05-08 R-HSA-211224 Association of DFF40 with DFF45 BibTex
2008-05-08 R-HSA-211207 Cleaved fragments of DFF45 dissociate from DFF40 BibTex
2008-05-08 R-HSA-211239 Association of DFF40 with chromatin BibTex
2008-05-08 R-HSA-211193 Homodimerization of DFF40 BibTex
2008-05-08 R-HSA-211247 Cleavage of DNA by DFF40 BibTex
2008-04-25 R-HSA-266204 Association of HMGB1/HMGB2 with chromatin BibTex
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