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Kimelman, D

Authored Reactions (7)
Date Identifier Reaction Reference
2007-04-03 R-HSA-195275 Phosphorylation of APC component of the destruction complex BibTex
2007-04-03 R-HSA-195300 Phosphorylation of phospho-(Ser45,Thr41,Ser37) at Ser33 by GSK-3 BibTex
2007-04-03 R-HSA-195283 Phosphorylation of phospho- (Ser45, Thr41) beta-catenin at Ser37 by GSK-3 BibTex
2007-04-03 R-HSA-195287 Phosphorylation of phospho-(Ser45 ) at Thr 41 by GSK-3 BibTex
2007-04-03 R-HSA-195318 Phosphorylation of beta-catenin at Ser45 by CK1 alpha BibTex
2007-04-03 R-HSA-195251 Assembly of the destruction complex BibTex
2007-04-03 R-HSA-2130286 Multi-ubiquitination of phospho-beta-catenin by RBX1:SCF(beta-TrCP1) BibTex
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