Yoshiaki Ito

Cancer Science Institute of Singapore, National University of Singapore
Reviewed Pathways (15/23)
Date Identifier Pathway Reference
2017-01-31 R-HSA-8878159 Transcriptional regulation by RUNX3 BibTex
2017-01-31 R-HSA-8949275 RUNX3 Regulates Immune Response and Cell Migration BibTex
2017-01-31 R-HSA-8952158 RUNX3 regulates BCL2L11 (BIM) transcription BibTex
2017-01-31 R-HSA-8941855 RUNX3 regulates CDKN1A transcription BibTex
2017-01-31 R-HSA-8941856 RUNX3 regulates NOTCH signaling BibTex
2017-01-31 R-HSA-8951936 RUNX3 regulates p14-ARF BibTex
2017-01-31 R-HSA-8941858 Regulation of RUNX3 expression and activity BibTex
2017-01-31 R-HSA-8951430 RUNX3 regulates WNT signaling BibTex
2017-01-31 R-HSA-8951671 RUNX3 regulates YAP1-mediated transcription BibTex
2017-01-31 R-HSA-8951911 RUNX3 regulates RUNX1-mediated transcription BibTex
2016-12-20 R-HSA-8939247 RUNX1 regulates transcription of genes involved in interleukin signaling BibTex
2016-12-20 R-HSA-8939245 RUNX1 regulates transcription of genes involved in BCR signaling BibTex
2016-12-20 R-HSA-8939246 RUNX1 regulates transcription of genes involved in differentiation of myeloid cells BibTex
2016-12-20 R-HSA-8934593 Regulation of RUNX1 Expression and Activity BibTex
2016-12-20 R-HSA-8878171 Transcriptional regulation by RUNX1 BibTex
Reviewed Reactions (15/192)
Date Identifier Reaction Reference
2017-01-31 R-HSA-4411357 TCF7L1/TCF7L2/LEF1:CTNNB1 promote transcription of the MYC gene BibTex
2017-01-31 R-HSA-4411367 TCF7L1/TCF7L2/LEF1:CTNNB1 bind the MYC gene BibTex
2017-01-31 R-HSA-8951428 RUNX3 binds CTNNB1:TCF7L2,(LEF1,TCF7L1,TCF7) BibTex
2017-01-31 R-HSA-8937814 RUNX3 translocates to the nucleus BibTex
2017-01-31 R-HSA-1980047 NOTCH1 stimulates HES1 transcription BibTex
2017-01-31 R-HSA-4396347 NOTCH1 Coactivator Complex binds HES1 promoter BibTex
2017-01-31 R-HSA-1989766 Expression of CTGF BibTex
2017-01-31 R-HSA-8951695 TEADs:YAP1 binds CTGF gene BibTex
2017-01-31 R-HSA-8951676 RUNX3 binds TEADs and YAP1 BibTex
2017-01-31 R-HSA-8952442 SPP1 gene expression is stimulated by RUNX3 BibTex
2017-01-31 R-HSA-8865454 CBFB binds RUNX3 BibTex
2017-01-31 R-HSA-8949276 RUNX3:CBFB binds the RORC gene promoter BibTex
2017-01-31 R-MMU-8949284 Runx3:Cbfb binds the Rorc gene promoter BibTex
2017-01-31 R-HSA-8949343 ITGAL gene,(ITGA4 gene) expression is stimulated by RUNX3:CBFB BibTex
2017-01-31 R-HSA-8949335 RUNX3:CBFB binds the ITGAL gene,(ITGA4 gene) promoter BibTex
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