Williams, MG

Authored Pathways (15/149)
Date Identifier Pathway Reference
2014-05-06 R-HSA-2408508 Metabolism of ingested SeMet, Sec, MeSec into H2Se BibTex
2014-05-06 R-HSA-2408522 Selenoamino acid metabolism BibTex
2014-05-06 R-HSA-5263617 Metabolism of ingested MeSeO2H into MeSeH BibTex
2014-05-06 R-HSA-2408550 Metabolism of ingested H2SeO4 and H2SeO3 into H2Se BibTex
2014-05-06 R-HSA-2408499 Formation of selenosugars for excretion BibTex
2014-05-06 R-HSA-2408557 Selenocysteine synthesis BibTex
2014-05-06 R-HSA-2408552 Methylation of MeSeH for excretion BibTex
2012-03-19 R-HSA-2142789 Ubiquinol biosynthesis BibTex
2012-02-24 R-HSA-2162123 Synthesis of Prostaglandins (PG) and Thromboxanes (TX) BibTex
2012-02-24 R-HSA-2142753 Arachidonic acid metabolism BibTex
2012-02-24 R-HSA-2142688 Synthesis of 5-eicosatetraenoic acids BibTex
2012-02-24 R-HSA-2142816 Synthesis of (16-20)-hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acids (HETE) BibTex
2012-02-24 R-HSA-2142691 Synthesis of Leukotrienes (LT) and Eoxins (EX) BibTex
2012-02-24 R-HSA-2142696 Synthesis of Hepoxilins (HX) and Trioxilins (TrX) BibTex
2012-02-24 R-HSA-2142670 Synthesis of epoxy (EET) and dihydroxyeicosatrienoic acids (DHET) BibTex
Authored Reactions (15/617)
Date Identifier Reaction Reference
2014-05-06 R-HSA-2408551 SeMet is converted to AdoSeMet by MAT BibTex
2014-05-06 R-HSA-2408532 AdeSeHCys is hydrolysed to SeHCys by AHCY BibTex
2014-05-06 R-HSA-2408544 AdoSeMet is converted to AdeSeHCys by MetTrans(1) BibTex
2014-05-06 R-RNO-2408545 AdoSeMet is converted to AdeSeHCys by MetTrans(2) BibTex
2014-05-06 R-RNO-2408512 AdeSeHCys is hydrolysed to SeHCys by Ahcy BibTex
2014-05-06 R-HSA-2408530 MeSeH is hydrolysed to H2Se by methylselenol demethylase BibTex
2014-05-06 R-HSA-5333609 MeSebGalNac is hydrolysed to MeSeH and bGalNac BibTex
2014-05-06 R-HSA-5333608 GSSebGalNac is reduced and methylated to MeSebGalNac BibTex
2014-05-06 R-HSA-5333607 GSSeH combines with bGalNAc derivative to form GSSebGalNac BibTex
2014-05-06 R-HSA-2408542 GSSeSG is reduced to GSSeH and GSH by GSR BibTex
2014-05-06 R-HSA-2408556 SeO3(2-) combines with GSH to form GSSeSG and GSSG BibTex
2014-05-06 R-HSA-2408548 PAPSe is reduced to SeO3(2-) by PAPSe reductase BibTex
2014-05-06 R-HSA-2408540 APSe is phosphorylated to PAPSe by PAPSS1,2 BibTex
2014-05-06 R-HSA-2408525 H2SeO4 is converted to APSe by PAPSS1,2 BibTex
2014-05-06 R-RNO-2408504 H2SeO4 is converted to APSe by PAPSS1,2 BibTex
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