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Tripathi, S

Authored Reactions (7)
Date Identifier Reaction Reference
2012-04-04 R-HSA-2179415 GRB2:SOS1 binds to HBEGF:p-Y-EGFR BibTex
2012-04-04 R-HSA-2179387 Mature HBEGF binds to EGFR, triggering dimerisation and autophosphorylation of the receptor BibTex
2012-04-04 R-HSA-2179402 Active MMP3 can cleave pro-HBEGF to form active HBEGF BibTex
2012-04-04 R-MMU-2203911 Active Mmp3 can cleave pro-Hbegf to form active Hbegf BibTex
2012-04-04 R-HSA-2179413 Activated PKC-alpha activate MMP3 BibTex
2012-04-04 R-HSA-870269 Gastrin binds to CCK-B receptor BibTex
2012-04-04 R-HSA-2179407 SOS1-mediated nucleotide exchange of RAS (HB-EFG-initiated) BibTex
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