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Nishani Rajakulendran

Reviewed Pathways (11)
Date Identifier Pathway Reference
2014-01-22 R-HSA-4641262 Disassembly of the destruction complex and recruitment of AXIN to the membrane BibTex
2014-01-22 R-HSA-3769402 Deactivation of the beta-catenin transactivating complex BibTex
2014-01-22 R-HSA-4641263 Regulation of FZD by ubiquitination BibTex
2014-01-22 R-HSA-3772470 Negative regulation of TCF-dependent signaling by WNT ligand antagonists BibTex
2014-01-22 R-HSA-4641257 Degradation of AXIN BibTex
2014-01-22 R-HSA-201688 WNT mediated activation of DVL BibTex
2014-01-22 R-HSA-201722 Formation of the beta-catenin:TCF transactivating complex BibTex
2014-01-22 R-HSA-4411364 Binding of TCF/LEF:CTNNB1 to target gene promoters BibTex
2014-01-22 R-HSA-4641258 Degradation of DVL BibTex
2014-01-22 R-HSA-4641265 Repression of WNT target genes BibTex
2014-01-22 R-HSA-201681 TCF dependent signaling in response to WNT BibTex
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