DisGeNET overlay of gene-disease associations

DisGeNET (Pinero J, et al, Nucleic Acids Res. 2019) is a database of gene-disease associations. We have pre-processed DisGeNET curated gene-disease associations (Release v7.0) for overlay onto Reactome. For each disease, clicking on the "Analysis" button will show the results of Reactome pathway analysis with the set of genes associated with that disease. If you are interested in overlaying other data sources onto Reactome in a similar manner, please contact us.
Parameter Option Description
Minimum number of genes per disease The Reactome pathway analysis presented here only makes sense for multiple genes. Diseases with less gene associations than this parameter are not displayed in the table. For small numbers of genes, it might be helpful to switch from "pValue" to "coverage" at the bottom of the visualisation.
Low (no filter)
Medium (> 0.33)
High (> 0.66)
Score of the gene-disease association as provided by DisGeNET.
Include interactors Include high confidence interactors from IntAct in Reactome.
Default result view
Reactome provides two different options for the first view of the analysis results. Choose your preference.
Reset the filters Clear disease name filter, and reset to default values.
Overlay Table
Check in Pathway Browser Disease name Number of genes Gene list Disease id
{{disease.diseaseName}} {{disease.geneItems.length}}
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