RHOU GTPase cycle

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RHO GTPase RHOU (Wrch-1) possesses a high intrinsic guanine nucleotide exchange activity and is constitutively present in the active GTP-bound state in the absence of guanine nucleotide exchange factors (GEFs) (Shutes et al. 2004, Saras et al. 2004). RHOU does not possess a GTPase activity (Saras et al. 2004). RHOU has been reported to interact with some GTPase activator proteins (GAPs) (Bagci et al. 2020), which may serve as effectors that enable cross-talk with other RHO GTPases. RHOU was shown to regulate cytoskeletal dynamics, cell migration and adhesion. RHOU is expressed during embryonic development and regulates cardiac (Dickover et al. 2014) and intestinal (Slaymi et al. 2019) development. RHOU activates JNK and AKT signaling during cell migration (Chuang et al. 2007).
For review, please refer to Faure and Fort 2015, and Hodge and Ridley 2020.

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